My April 22 email to Congress


Here’s the email I sent to Washington State’s Senators Murray and Cantwell and Representative Hastings from my District.  Think of these ideas as starting points for discussion and negotiation. I would be interested in hearing other people’s ideas on balancing our budget so the deficit doesn’t bury our Grandchildren in debt.  Any/all comments left will be posted.

Dear Senator Murray, Senator Cantwell, Congressman Hastings,

Fixing the deficit should be Congress’s highest priority.

I am a 60 year-old conservative independent/moderate.  I’m sure you are aware that Standard & Poor’s downgraded U.S. Treasuries Long-Term Outlook to “Negative” based on their lack of confidence that Congress will be able to agree on a plan to reduce the deficit anytime before the 2012 elections.  How long will it be before Treasuries are also downgraded from AAA to AA, or less?  I will not be voting for any incumbents until and unless a solid plan for reducing the deficit has passed both houses.  And I don’t mean some smoke & mirrors plan where magic happens out in the 2015 to 2020 timeframe.  I mean starting NOW. This should be your highest priority.  When you reply to this letter, do not tell me what “the other guys won’t do” tell me what you plan to support and vote for.

Here are my ideas:

-Democrats must be willing to put a cap on the major entitlement programs.

-Republicans must be willing to increase taxes, especially for the wealthy.  I recommend 33% for earnings over $200,000.  They don’t NEED the money to live on.  People live quite well on much less.  It is fair for those enjoying the greatest benefits of our Nation to pay the most taxes.  And the wealthy would still be keeping two dollars for every one dollar paid in taxes.

-Both “sides” should support reduced Defense spending.  The U.S. out spends the next biggest spenders combined.

-Both sides should raise Social Security Taxes, at least back to 5.5%, and remove the cap.  If someone is fortunate enough to earn more than the cap, they can afford to put a little extra in the kitty for our Grandchildren. I would also support delaying Full SS Benefits for those of us now 55 to 60 by an additional six months.  We eventually need to make full retirement start at 70.   People who continue to work and draw SS should pay SS taxes of 20%.  Anyone who earns more than five times their SS payment doesn’t need it.  Our Grandchildren will.


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