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In trying to follow some Samual Johnson wisdom, “Never trust a man who writes more than he reads.” I was checking out some other websites.  I found three that I like well enough to recommend, one of which I’m adding to my Blogroll.  I’ll start with the other two.  The first is David Suzuki’s; he also has an on-line newsletter that I get.  He has been called Canada’s number one environmentalist and champions protectiong our environment so it’s here for generatons to come.  This aligns with my mission of “Giving Our Grandchildren a Better World.”  At the other end of the polical spectrum is Mary Belle Snow.  She posts conservative pieces from a variety of sources.

The blogsite I’m adding to my Blogroll is Captbecker’s weblog.  Charles Becker is a retired mechant seaman (20+ years as Ship’s Captain).  He comments on a variety of topics, mostly political.  Here’s what I like best about him and his blogs (note: I don’t always agree, but that’s OK.  Aren’t we Americans supposed to be able to respect one another even when we don’t agree?) ..back to what I like.  As a ship’s Captain he had to continually develop practical solutions (i.e. they worked) to real problems.  (Disclamer: I’ve never been to sea except for a couple cruises and some fishing.)  But here’s my opinion:  You can’t convene a committe and declare a storm a minor squall, 50 knot winds are 50 knot winds, and 20 foot waves don’t care what you call them. It does no good to order a bosun’s mate to repair the engines.  He/she doesn’t have the knowledge of a macinist’s mate.   At sea you can’t write a report or speach that describes how the engine will work better next week, month, or year.  It’s either fixed or it’s broken. [Side note: I had a boss try this once.  When the bearing race spun and the three inch solid steel shaft broke, it made the whole group look stupid – not to mention repair costs] Additionally, there are no Kelly Temps services in the middle of an ocean.  You have to get the job done with the people on board.

This is the real-problem, solution-oriented thinking our country needs to hand off a better world to our Grandchildren.  That’s why I’ve added his blogsite to my blogroll.

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