State and Local Elections Are Important Too

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Please Vote – Local elections are important to our Grandchildren’s future.  Many important facets of our Grandchildren’s day-to-day quality of life are decided at the local level.  Examples are: roads, sidewalks, parks, playgrounds, and most important of all, schools.

With all of the media attention on the 2012 Presidential election, it might be easy to overlook the November 8, 2011 state and local elections.  Per the Tax Foundation, state and local tax burden is roughly 10% of our income.  This is serious money, and we need to carefully choose the people who will be spending it.  Beyond the money are the long-term effects of the decisions.  County and city councils decide zoning and development.  School boards set personnel and curriculum policies.  Here are two examples on my ballot:

  1. The school board and city council are working to decide whether to start charging developers an Impact Fee which would be used to defray the cost of a new school(s) needed as the developments are built and populated.  The alternative is a levy against all property owners in the district.
  2. Washington State voters will be deciding (again) whether or not to eliminate state liquor stores and move hard liquor sales to retail stores.  Note: Per the Tri-City Herald Costco has spent in excess of $20 million campaigning FOR this change.

State and local elections have long-term effects for our Grandchildren.  Let’s all get out and vote.

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