Vietnam vs. Iraq

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This will be one of my shortest blogs; it would be too easy to go on for pages. I’m sure you caught the news clippingings and videos on the official deactivation of the Iraq Command – the soldiers rolling up the cammand post flag.  It made me think what a stark contrast that was to my memory of the last images of the Vietnam war – U.S. helecopters “escaping” from the U.S. embassy roof and Vietnamees (office staff & supporters) begging to be taken with them.  We were clearly running with our tail between our legs.  Did we learn something from Vietnam?  I’d like to think so.  We paid  terrible price in killed, wounded, and “walking wounded”.  Did we learn anything from Iraq, and what will the future bring for the Iraqis?  We won’t know the answers to these questions for some years.

If we want to give our Grandchildren a better world, we need to keep in mind the words from Edwin Starr’s War, “…What is it good for?  Absolutly nothing…There’s got to be a better way…”

OK, there may be rare occasions without a better choice, but mostly wars produce losers, not winners.

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