We Are More Alike Than Different

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With the U.S. Presidential campaign (along with all the lesser ones) starting in earnest, we can expect the various candidates to tell us how different they are than their opponents.  More personally, the candidates and the PACs (super & not so) are going to try to convince us how different we should be from “those guys and gals”.  Additionally they will try to convince us that “their guys” have the good answers to all that ails our world and “those guys” have only bad answers.  They will also try to convince us that only they can save us from various boogiemen and other imaginary monsters, both foreign and domestic.  In this the season of polarization, let’s take a few minutes to consider what we share with other citizens of the U.S., North America, and the world.

Here’s my list of “What is Most Important – My Want List” (In no particular order).

How does it compare to your list?

How do you think it compares with folks around the world?

  • Clean air to breath and clean water to drink
  • The basic creature comforts of food, shelter, and clothes for my children, grandchildren, and me
  • Freedom from disabling injuries and diseases and/or medical care to heal
  • Relative security – physically
  • Gainful employment
  • A few minutes of relaxation and/or entertainment each day
  • A few “toys” to enhance the above
  • A special partner to share all with
  • Educational opportunities
  • Freedom to pray to whatever entity we wish
  • Opportunities to join with family and friends in celebration and camaraderie

I’ll bet most of us would have a similar list.  So when all the rhetoric is over, and all the votes are counted, I’ll bet we agree on more things than we disagree on, that we are more alike than we are different.  We can make the world we hand off to our Grandchildren better by focusing a little more on our similarities and a little less on our differences.

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