Write Congress, “Improve Deficit”

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Today is the day to start fixing the budget deficit. The elections are over; it’s safe to answer your phone again.  The lame duck Congress is going to tackle the deficit – maybe.  Some political commentators and Democrats called the election a BIG WIN for the Democrats, and state that it sent a clear message to the Republicans, “Change or else.”  I disagree.  The popular vote for President was close, and we re-elected most of the same people.  Looks like status quo to me, and that’s the danger.  We are likely to get the same old partisan politics.   I suggest we all whip off a quick note to our Senators & Congressmen (women), “America needs you to make some progress on solving the federal deficit.”  A true “Big Deal” long term fix is probably too much to expect, but some improvement should be doable.  In the interest of “Walk the Talk,” a copy of the note I sent is posted below.

If we are going to give our Grandchildren a better America, the sooner we start solving the Federal Deficit problems, the less painful the solutions will be.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, we still live in the best country ever.


Dear Senator Murray’s Staffer,

(I recognize the Senator doesn’t have time to read these personally)  I was most disappointed in a news clip the other night.  Senator Murray sounded like she was taking directions from Nancy Pelosi.  I’m referring to her statement that there will be no budget deal without raising tax rates on the rich.   The old Senator Patty Murray would have been talking about compromise and common ground.  Senator Murray used to be the champion of everyday working Americans, supporting veterans, working people, etc.   But now it sounds like she has forgotten which Washington she is from.  Her “team” is no longer the citizens of Washington State; it’s the Democratic Party of Washington DC.  Our country, everyday Americans, need our elected leaders/public servants to solve the deficit, and certainly increased revenue is part of the solution.  I shouldn’t need to point out to you or the senator there are many ways to increase revenue: put a cap on allowable tax deductions; return to the pre-Bush Social Security (SS) rates; remove the cap on income subject to SS (while retaining the cap on  SS benefits); to name a few.   Help Senator Murray find her old self, the champion of everyday Americans.

PS: Same message to Senator Cantwell and Congressman Hastings: partisan politics will not solve the deficit.

CC:         Senator Maria Cantwell

Congressman Doc Hastings

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