The Immigration Mess: Another Example

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Sunday’s local paper, The Tri-City Herald, included an article about Juan Perez, a Hispanic American Marine (eight years of service, two deployments to Iraq) who married Diana Blanco De La O (an “Illegal” lady brought to the U.S. as a child years ago).  The U.S. immigration office gave Mrs. Perez bad advice (go to Mexico to complete her immigration forms) either through incompetence or malice.  Now she has been trapped in Mexico away from her husband for two years by a sea of red tape.   This is another example of why we need a total reform of the immigration laws.   The U. S. Immigration Service, and laws, should be focusing on keeping criminals out and allowing law-biding, hard working (future) citizens in.

America was built by immigrants, and it will be a better country for our Grandchildren when we fix our immigration law mess.

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