A little bit about Me:

I’m a Baby Boomer Grandfather, recently widowed, with somewhere between 1 and 20 Grandchildren (counting biologicals, steps, inlaws and outlaws).  I don’t think our country is in as good a shape as the incumbent politicians would have us believe, nor as bad as the pundits make it seem. However, our country is making too many decisions that benefit “me” and “now” and not enough decisions considering our Grandchildren in the coming decades.

The point of this Blog site:

Ask most folks, “How important is Family to you?” and they will say, “Very important.”  OK, it’s time to walk the talk.  Let’s roll up our sleeves and put in the effort and make a few sacrifices (nothing new for parents) so we can hand off the best world we can to our Grandchildren, just as our Grandparents did for us.


4 Responses to About

  1. A very noble concept for a web site indeed. It’s certainly long overdue…we do…something with future generations in mind. Well done and the very best wishes for your efforts!

  2. Jeff parry (kachess clubhouse remodel committee) says:

    Hey Chris-

    I’m really enjoying your blogs & thanks for the nuclear 101 today.


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