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Are you tired of hearing, “The Baby Boomers are the last generation that can expect to live better than their parents.”?  I am.  And it scares me because it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy if too many people believe it.  No, we can’t give our Grandchildren a perfect world, and as one challenge is solved or at least improved, another one pops up.  Certainly our Grandchildren will live in a different world than we do, just as our world has different challenges and benefits than our Grandparents. But this general malaise, this “Woe is us,” from pundits and columnists will be our Grandkids future only if we let it.  Looking at the Big Picture of human history, life just keeps getting better; yes there are ups & downs.

Let’s looks at a few of today’s ups:

Communication –  Most of us carry better communication in our pocket than kings and presidents had only a few decades ago.

Medicine – Doctors have tools at their disposal today that were, “If only…” when our parents were young.  Note – it is still better, cheaper, easier, to STAY Healthy, that to GET Healthy, we have to do our part.

Food & Diet – We know more about how to eat healthy, and there are far more fresh fruits and vegetables available to all of us than even Kings could get not so long ago.

Entertainment – With TV and computers the entire world is available to us at our finger tips.

Now for the downs:

Yes, when nature really flexes her muscles, puny man is just screwed, and sometimes bad things happen to good people.  This is one reason for savoring every good moment.  But aside from occasional natural disasters, most of our problems are man-made, self-inflicted.  Fixing the toughest of today’s problems will not be easy.  We didn’t get here overnight and we can’t fix it overnight, but we can chip away them every day and eventually we’ll get there.  Here are the things I think we need to tackle first:

-Take better care of the environment, while maintaining a strong, modern economy.

-Update our government.  It is time for “us” (little letters) to realize we are the “U.S.” (Capital letters) Government and update to revision 3.0. (not revolutionary, just evolutionary)

– Start solving the deficit, so our Grandchildren’s taxes don’t go mostly to pay interest on the us / U.S. debt.

These are a few of our challenges. What would you say are our highest priorities?  Comments, opinions, and discussions are welcomed on this site.

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